By the Numbers: Netflix


The percentage of subscribers who do their viewing on a tablet.


The number of canceled series that have found new life on Netflix – Arrested Development, Black Mirror, Degrassi, Full House, Gilmore Girls, The Killing, Longmire and Star Wars:  The Clone Wars.


The percentage of subscribers who do their viewing on a smartphone.


The percentage of subscribers who do their viewing on a personal computer.


The number of languages in which Netflix is available.


The cost of a Stranger Things-themed ugly sweater at Target.


The percentage of U.S. consumers who had a Netflix subscription in 2017. In 2011 it was 11 percent.


The percentage of subscribers who do their viewing on a television.


The number of original films Netflix plans to release this year, making it more prolific than studios such as Disney and Sony.


The number of countries where Netflix is available. China, Crimea, North Korea and Syria are notable examples of where Netflix is not available.


The year Netflix was founded (Aug. 29, to be exact) as an alternative to the video store. At that time, it had 30 employees and 925 films on DVD available for rental.


The year a flat rate was introduced for members.


The year Netflix became a publicly traded company (May 23, to be exact). Had you invested $1,000 in the company on that day, your shares would be worth close to $150,000 today.


The year Netflix offered online streaming of content.


The year Netflix launched its first series of original content, Lilyhammer, starring Steven Van Zandt. It was one of just four pieces of original content issued by the service that year. By 2016 it was offering 126 different original series and films.


The year Netflix became the first internet network to be nominated for an Emmy. It won three primetime Emmys that year and has received more than 100 nominations since then.


The number of movies Netflix had in its digital library as of 2017. It also had 2,445 TV shows.


The number of people employed by Netflix.

$1 million

The amount of the first Netflix Prize, awarded to a seven-member team that developed an algorithm to boost the accuracy of what a viewer would like to watch based on previous viewing.

125 million

The number of members worldwide.

$130 million

The reported production cost of The Crown, Netflix’s series about Queen Elizabeth II, making it the most expensive television show ever made.

140 million

The hours of TV shows and movies available per day on Netflix.

$11 billion

Netflix’s rounded-off revenue for 2017.

$70 billion

The company’s valuation as of 2017.


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