By the Numbers: Teen Driving

Statistics have shown for years that teen drivers are involved in a disproportionate number of car crashes, so the Wisconsin Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) urges parents and teens to be cautious on the road. DMV officials say that inexperience is the obvious factor and that teen drivers need time to learn about the various conditions and situations that can make driving a challenge.

Teen drivers also tend to take more risks – including speeding, failing to wear seat belts and driving in an impaired state – and are easily distracted by electronic devices and passengers.

“Studies strongly support the beneficial role of parental supervision in reducing teen crash rates, [reducing] instances of distracted driving and driving under the influence, and increasing seat belt usage,” according to a DMV press release. 

The DMV’s Parent’s Supervised Driving Program guidebook offers guidance on 13 important driving skills, and with the RoadReady mobile app, parents can now record state-required supervised driving time with the click of a button. 


The number of teen drivers killed in car crashes in Wisconsin in 2018


Number of teen drivers injured in car crashes in Wisconsin in 2018


Number of people killed in crashes involving a teen driver nationwide in 2018, including 755 teen drivers


Teens drivers injured in motor vehicle crashes nationwide in 2017


Percentage of all licensed drivers who are teenagers


Percentage of car crashes that involve teenagers


Rank of motor vehicle crashes among the leading causes of death for people ages 15 to 18 in the United States

Source: National Highway Traffic Safety Association