By the Numbers: The Killer Weed Killer?

$63 billion

Amount that Bayer paid to acquire Monsanto, the maker of Roundup weed killer, in 2018


Percentage of soybean seeds estimated to contain Roundup-tolerant genes

$5 billion

2018 income made by Bayer – which bought Roundup maker Monsanto in 2018 – on the sales of weed killer


Percentage of U.S. soybean fields that will harbor Roundup-resistant weeds in 2020


Percentage of major U.S. crops treated with Roundup, which is alleged to cause cancer

$219 million

Damage awards to three plaintiffs who have alleged that Roundup causes cancer


Number of similar lawsuits pending 

$5.5 billion to $27.7 billion

Estimated liability that analysts expect Roundup will be responsible for when lawsuits are settled

Source: Wall Street Journal