By the Numbers: Veterans Day


Annual median income (2013) of veterans, compared with $25,820 for nonveterans.


Active military personnel in the Marines.


Active military personnel in the Navy.


Active military personnel in the Air Force.


Number of veterans living in Wisconsin. That breaks down to 33,629 female veterans and 380,094 male veterans. 21,747 served during World War II; 35,496 served in the Korean Conflict; 140,209 served in Vietnam, and 111,209 served in the Gulf War; the remaining 113,298 are peacetime veterans.


Active military personnel in the Army.

1.6 million

Number of female veterans in 2013.

1.85 million

The number of veterans living in California, which has the highest population of vets, followed by Texas, 1.68 million, and Florida, 1.58 million.

9.3 million

Number of veterans 65 years of age and older in 2013.

19.6 million

Veteran population in 2013.

19.3 million

Projected veteran population in 2023.

Source: Defense Department, U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs, U.S. Census Bureau

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