Caddy Quiz ‘em


This week’s trivia question:


The 2010 Ryder Cup is just around the corner (October 1 – 3). This popular tournament is steeped in tradition and is believed to have been around since 1926. The Ryder Cup is named after a wealthy businessman. For whom is the Ryder cup named, and from what did he derive his wealth?


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Last week’s trivia question:


Earlier this month, a 14-year-old Milwaukee boy by the name of Zach Nash disqualified himself a couple of hours after winning a junior Wisconsin PGA Tournament. Why did he disqualify himself?


Answer: He had one too many clubs in his bag. The penalty for breaking the rule, called rule 4-4, is two strokes for each hole played with more than 14 clubs, with a maximum of four penalty strokes. But since he didn’t notice his extra club during the tournament, a penalty wasn’t added. That meant he signed an incorrect scorecard, which he knew disqualified him.


Winner: Ron Weber, Ellison Bay