Calling All Prospective Yogis

There’s only one way to find out if yoga is right for you – by trying it out. Junction Center Yoga Studio is helping out prospective yogis by offering a free beginners class, intended for all ages, genders and level of fitness or ability.

Illustration by Ryan Miller.

The free, introductory class will provide some basic knowledge and practice of yoga including an explanation of the philosophy, the postures (asanas) and breath work (pranayama).

The benefits of yoga do not occur overnight, but the results are long lasting. As yoga practitioners become fit and flexible most notice an increase in overall vitality and wellness. The different poses focus on gently improving the functional capacity of skeletal joints, muscles and connective tissue. After a few sessions, participants will begin to notice improvements in flexibility, balance and strength.

Classes are offered Nov. 12, 8 – 9:15 am, and Nov. 13, 6 – 7:15 pm. The no-obligation sample class will be followed by an optional five-class beginners weekly series (during the same times). The series costs $60 or $50 for those younger than 30 years old.

Classroom attire is freeform, but dressing in layers is advisable; students often wear leotards, shorts, t-shirts and tank tops under a layer of sweats that can be removed. All the equipment is provided.

Junction Center Yoga Studio, also has a full slate of indoor yoga and tai chi classes taught throughout the week by several different instructors. The studio is open the year round at their rural re-purposed barn location on Junction Road, a few miles north of Jacksonport, just off County A. Find out more by calling 920.823.2763, check the complete schedule online at, or find them at Facebook at