Cana Island Rehab Costs Higher Than Expected

Bids for phase 2 of the four-phase rehabilitation of Cana Island buildings came in higher than anticipated, Erik Aleson, director of the Door County Parks Department, told the Door County Board of Supervisors at their June 27 meeting.

Phase 2 includes the rehabbing of three outbuildings that include an oil house, a privy and a barn/storage area. The bid came back at $415,000, while there is $360,000 committed to phase 2 (Supervisor Dan Austad pointed out that none of this is taxpayer funds, that the money comes from donations and paid attendance at Cana Island). Aleson said he asked the construction manager from Immel Construction to come up with some options for reducing costs at the July 12 meeting of the Airport & Parks Committee, and will have more details to share with the board at its July meeting. Amy Paul, director of the Door County Maritime Museum, told the board the roofs on the oil house and privy are caving in.

“If we let them go much longer, it’s going to cost us even more in reconstruction costs.”

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