Candidate Bies Withdraws from Forum

The League of Women Voters of Door and Kewaunee Counties regret to announce that on August 13 incumbent Garey Bies, the Republican candidate for the 1st Assembly district, withdrew his agreement to participate in the Candidates’ Forum on August 26.

Bies writes: “Given the political landscape for the Democrats in fielding two candidates in the race for the 1st Assembly District, I believe my presence at this pre-primary forum would detract from the electoral decision that first must be made. The 1st Assembly District would be best served by allowing the two Democrat candidates to distinguish themselves from each other before the primary election.”

In keeping with its nonpartisan policy the league has always included all candidates in primary forums and believes that to be an appropriate practice. Because only one forum is held for each race during an election season, the Door and Kewaunee Counties League of Women Voters are disappointed that Bies’ withdrawal will deprive the voters of the chance to hear his views on issues in order to compare them with the two Democratic primary candidates.

The league urges the public to attend the August 26 forum at 6:30 pm at City Hall in Sturgeon Bay in preparation for voting in the September 9 primary as well as the November 4 general election. For more information on the League of Women Voters visit