Candidate for Egg Harbor Village Board President

Joe Smith

Age: 28

Education: B.S. UW-Green Bay; Double-majored in Public Administration and Environmental Policy & Planning

Occupation: Restaurant Manager

Relevant Experience or Civic Involvement:

Current member of Village of Egg Harbor Board of Trustees; Past member of Village of Egg Harbor Plan Commission; Past vice president of Egg Harbor Business Association

What is the biggest challenge facing the municipality and how would you address it?

Egg Harbor has done much, as a municipality, to beautify the village and create wonderful parks and events to increase the quality of life for both seasonal and year round residents, as well as visitors to the community. The next step should be to encourage private businesses to develop things in the village. This can most easily be done by removing “red-tape,” relaxing regulations, and making Egg Harbor the place to come to open a new business venture or expand a current operation.

If the board were forced to make budget cuts, what would be the first thing to go?

New programs and projects would have to be put on the back burner until funds become available. The village does so many great things that a cut back on services or amenities that we already provide would be immediately noticed and sorely missed.

What do you see as the board’s duty to the residents and businesses in the municipality?

The board’s duty to the people and businesses in Egg Harbor is to keep people in love with the village they chose to call home. This doesn’t, however, mean making Egg Harbor into a land that time forgot. Allowing new and exciting shops, restaurants, and other businesses to easily open, operate, and expand in the village will create more opportunities and options for both seasonal and year round residents. Encouraging private developers to create attainable housing for young families will provide customers and employees to local businesses. The current public services and decorations preserve the small town charm that attract residents and visitors. Happier residents and visitors will translate to more success for businesses.

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