Candidates: Gardner Town Board

Kevin Fleischman

Kevin Fleischman did not respond to repeated requests to respond to our questionnaire.

Michele Ploor

Michele Ploor, 47, has been married to Aaron Ploor for 24 years, and they have two children. She graduated from Sevastopol in 1991, studied cosmetology and barbering at Martins School of Hair Design and NWTC, and completed the Certified Soil Tester course at NWTC along with some accounting classes.

Relevant Experience and Civic Engagement

I have been a town supervisor for the Town of Gardner for four terms. During that time, I have also sat on the Plan Commission and have been involved with the growth of our town.

What attributes and skills do you bring to the Gardner town board?

I am not afraid to speak up. If I don’t agree with something, I will find a way to present another option. I listen to the residents and am more than happy to help them in any way I possibly can. I believe currently being the only female on the board brings a different perspective to the table, too.

Rural broadband internet access has been cited as a problem by residents and businesses throughout Door County. What should the town do to increase broadband access?

The Town of Gardner has worked with CenturyLink to provide internet service to all of its residents at an affordable cost. I believe we, as a town, need to keep working with them and pushing for updates and upgrades. We also need to look into other providers. The Town of Gardner needs to have options that are affordable and provide the highest quality of service possible. Currently I don’t feel we have the best services offered to our residents.

Should the town be doing more to ensure groundwater quality in the community? If so, how?

I think we’re lucky in Gardner: We have members of the Clean Water Action Council living right here. I believe we adhere to their recommendations, along with the recommendations of the DNR. We don’t have megafarms in our township, nor will they be allowed – this helps greatly.

What other issues do you think should be priorities for the town in the near future?

With the water levels in the lakes and streams on the rise, we as a town have our hands full with shore-land preservation and road repairs. It is my hope that we as a town continue on the path of prevention, even after the repairs are completed.