Cape Cod Commission Director Visits Door County

The Door County Environmental Council will host Erin Perry, deputy director of the Cape Cod Commission, on Oct. 11, 7 pm, for a program about balancing tourism with protecting the environment.

Door County is sometimes referred to as “the Cape Cod of the Midwest.” Geologically, both are peninsulas that jut out into large bodies of water with hundreds of miles of coastline. Both have small, coastal towns that swell with tourists who come by car and boat during the summer, who expect a host of resources and who leave behind an enduring impact. Both peninsulas have experienced substantial growth that have affected their environment, resource use and affordability. 

In 1990, the Cape Cod Commission was formed and signed into law by the governor of Massachusetts. It established strong partnerships among local, state and federal agencies to design a comprehensive, coordinated approach to planning, environmental protection and economic development. It is now a sustainable region with strong intermunicipal coordination and regional infrastructure. Perry will share the commission’s goals, struggles and accomplishments.

The presentation will be held in person at the Kress Pavilion, ​​7845 Church St. in Egg Harbor, or online via Zoom at


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