Cappaert’s Bold Colors on Display in Milwaukee

Blasts of bold color will soon enliven the Renaissance Building at 309 N. Water St. in Milwaukee. The Transcending Color exhibit showcases three large, colorful, mixed-media paintings by local visual artist Ginnie Cappaert and will open to the public on April 26, with an artist reception from 5 to 8 pm.

The natural beauty of the peninsula’s land and water, with its ever-changing light and color, inspires Cappaert, who began with watercolors and transitioned into mixed-media collages and oil paintings.

Transcending Color will run through July 12 at the Renaissance Gallery, curated by Catherine Davidson of CR Davidson Art. In an office space across the street, a selection of smaller artworks by Cappaert and other artists will be on display. CR Davidson Art is open by appointment (call 414.303.9389 to make one), special event and chance.

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