Castaways on Washington Island in Latest Let Me Be Frank Production

First Financial and Diamonds and Gold present Let Me Be Frank’s all new comedy musical Frank’s Washington Island. This special engagement will be held at the Ephraim Village Hall, Oct. 19 with two shows at 4 pm and 8 pm.

Ever take the ferry to Washington Island? Ever have a shot of bitters at Nelsen’s Hall? If not, Frank’s Washington Island is a “three hour tour” of Washington Island. The castaways are all here on Frank’s Washington Island: the Skipper (Pat Hibbard), Gilligan (Michael O’Malley), Ginger (Amy Riemer), Mary Ann (Amelie Eiding), the Professor (Frank Hermans), Thurston Howell (Tom Verbrick) and Mrs. Howell (Millie Haushaulter).

The Niagara Escarpment created Death’s Door and the magical islands of Plum, Detroit, Hog, Pilot, Rock and many more. The cast gets caught in huge storm and runs aground on the uninhabited part of Washington Island. Will they get off the island with the help of a jetpack or the help of the Mosquito’s (the band not the bug)? Come the see the shenanigans of the cast and crew of the SS Minnow. Sure they have a professor who can make batteries last forever in their radio but he can’t fix a hole in the boat.

Tickets are $30. For tickets, call Chef’s Hat restaurant at 920.854.2034 or stop by at 3063 Church St. in Ephraim (next door to Ephraim Village Hall).


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