Celebrate Waterfront Promenade Improvements

Over the course of last year, crews from Sturgeon Bay’s Municipal Services have been busy improving many aspects of the local parks and public walkways. The East Waterfront Promenade was no exception in this regard where the raised flower bed at the south end of the walkway was rebuilt. The raised bed now features a comfortable ledge for sitting as a 5x5ft display area for public art installations

Prior to this undertaking, Sturgeon Bay’s Local Arts Board (LAB) was reinstated by Mayor David J. Ward with Helen Bacon (Ald. Dist. 1) as chair. Community members appointed by the mayor include Claire Morkin, Margaret Lockwood, melaniejane and Stephanie Trenchard.

LAB member Lockwood garnered support from Green Bay artist Steven Haas to loan one of his sculptures to the City for display in the newly re-imagined space on the East Waterfront Promenade. The inaugural featured work, “Crosswind Approach,” is an experiential brushed aluminum sculpture. This work remains available for purchase while on display. 

A City celebration and artist meet-and-greet will be held on Aug. 26, 6-7 pm, by the sculpture at the south end of the East Waterfront Promenade. In case of inclement weather, the event will be held inside Stone Harbor.

The City of Sturgeon Bay LAB meets every second Wednesday of the month in City Hall’s Council Chambers, 9-10 am. The LAB welcomes community input as they move forward to bring more public art to Sturgeon Bay.