Celebrating Prose, Poetry and Photography

The cover of 2011’s Annual Literature and Photography Issue

There is something about the creative mind at work, whether writing, painting, doodling or snapping a photo, an energy and focus radiates. The creator is engrossed in a realm all of their own – something others can’t help but want to share in and understand.

Next week’s issue of the Pulse will feature a variety of those pieces created from moments of creative surrender, selected from a record number of submissions by professionals in each field: poetry, non-fiction, fiction, and photography.

Wisconsin Poet Laureate Bruce Dethlefsen sifted through the poems; award-winning author and regular Pulse contributor, Justin Isherwood, read through non-fiction entries while author and director of the Wisconsin Institute for Creative Writing, Judith Claire Mitchell, read through fiction entries; Photography Director for the Pulse and Door County Living, Len Villano, along with photographer Katie Sikora, studied each submitted photo; and the results of our annual Hal Grutzmacher’s Writers’ Expose and Jubilee will be announced August 3 with the release of our next issue.

The issue is devoted to those who take up pen and paper, keyboard, or camera, working with words and images to conjure up a place and time, an escape, a reflection, and a greater understanding of the human condition.