Celebrating World Breastfeeding Week, Aug. 1-7

World Breastfeeding Week is approaching Aug. 1-7. Our local Door County Breastfeeding Support Group is planning a picnic and family event for breastfeeding mothers and their families, in the interest of supporting breastfeeding in our community.

A breastfeeding support group meeting will be held on Wednesday, Aug. 3, 10:30 am at the Sturgeon Bay Moravian Church, 323 S. 5th Ave. In addition, we are hosting a picnic on Thursday, Aug. 4, from 5-7pm at Sunset Park in Sturgeon Bay.

The theme of World Breastfeeding Week 2016 is, “Breastfeeding –A Key to Sustainable Development.” Behind this theme is the idea that if breastfeeding were supported, such that more women felt comfortable, encouraged and able to breastfeed their children, our health would improve, the environment would improve and our economy would improve.

When mothers are able to breastfeed their children, the health of women and their children are supported. Children who are breastfed enjoy a lower risk of obesity by 24 percent, Type 2 diabetes by 40 percent, ear infections by 50 percent, lower respiratory infections by 64 percent, and gluten intolerance by 52 percent.

Women who breastfeed enjoy a lower risk of breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and cardiovascular disease. (La Leche League, Intl., 2015) New evidence suggests breastfeeding could save up to 832,000 children’s lives annually (World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action, 2016).

When mothers are able to breastfeed, the health of our environment is improved. Breastfeeding involves less packaging and waste. In addition, 720,450 tons of artificial formula sold annually in six countries abroad result in almost 2.9 million tons of greenhouse-gases, equivalent to nearly 7,000 million miles driven by an average passenger vehicle (World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action, 2016).

Here in Door County, we hope to preserve a clean environment. Breastfeeding can help us do that.

Finally, when mothers are supported in breastfeeding, our economy improves. The World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action suggests that breastfeeding could add up to $302 billion to the global economy by reducing environmental damage and improving women’s health. We know that breastfeeding mothers miss less work and feel more satisfied in their roles as mothers and employees. This has a cumulative effect on the economy at large.

Please join us for world breastfeeding week activities. When women are supported and breastfeeding is made possible, the whole community benefits. Thank you for your continued support of breastfeeding in Door County.

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