Century Ride Reaches Route Agreement

The Door County Century Ride reached an agreement with the Village of Sister Bay on a new route through Sister Bay. The ride, which drew more than 2,600 bicyclists last September, earned some complaints from Sister Bay merchants last year.

“There were some mistakes with the route last year,” said Director Sean Ryan. “We shouldn’t have put our rest stop at Marina Park for 1,500 riders last year. This year we amended the route to take riders to the much more spacious Waterfront Park. Instead of the riders being on the highway, now they’ll never be riding down Bayshore Drive, only crossing Bayshore Drive.”

Sean Ryan presented alternative routes to the Sister Bay Parks Committee April 4.

The route will cross Bayshore Drive near the Mission Grille to take riders to the rest stop at Waterfront Park. From there, bicyclists will cross Bayshore Drive again at Mill Road.

Police officers will be stationed at both crossings to provide traffic control and keep vehicle traffic flowing.

Paige Funkhouser, Coordinator of the Sister Bay Advancement Association, was relieved that a route was designed that showcases the village.

“This event does bring a lot of people into Door County,” she said, citing a Sister Bay innkeeper who said she has already booked five rooms for people coming for the ride, which leaves from the Sturgeon Bay fairgrounds. “No, they’re not getting off their bikes to shop, but hopefully we’re showing off our village so they come back.”

The Door County Century Ride opened registration April 1. Director Sean Ryan expects as many as 3,000 riders for the 34th annual ride on Sept. 9, 2012.