Chakra Balancing Retreat

The Pearl of Door County will hold a three-night, women-only Chakra Balancing Retreat June 24-28 in a house on Lake Michigan just north of Sturgeon Bay. Chakras are the energy centers that help move energy up and down through the body. Whitney Fenton, a chakra healer and yoga teacher; and Sarah Try, a holistic health coach and yoga teacher, will lead this wellness immersion.

It is designed around the seven chakras to help you release energetic blockages, heal from trauma, connect with your higher self and gain clarity about what you need to transform your life. This retreat will enliven one chakra at a time through yoga, meditation, journaling, holistic detoxifying nutrition, sound healing, nature connection, and rest and relaxation.

All meals are included; the menu is 100 percent vegan and designed for chakra healing. Visit to learn more and register.