Chalk Pastel Exhibit and Meet-and-Greet

Elyse Shea chalk pastels will be on view at Great Northern by Design, Sept. 7. Shea lived for many years in Fish Creek and later in Sturgeon Bay. Currently she resides in Bristol, Rhode Island with her boatbuilder husband, Dan. She began painting at age 60. Her good friend Liz Maltman provided her the opportunity to take advantage of a free day, and the encouragement to give it a try.

“I loved it, I continued. I am untrained, learning as I go. My art is whimsical, cartoon-like. It is life, not as it is, but as I would like it to be: singing teapots, dancing stoves. I hope as you look you will come away with an excitement of color, and the sense of optimism I hope the pieces carry.”

Shea is inspired by the ordinary trappings of daily life, in her home and surroundings, or on walks in Bristol. Her kitchen and the rooms of her house are her muse. She has experienced uprooting from place, translating her reflections toward the familiarity of old objects in new settings. Some pieces represent longing for things left behind, but never forgotten.

Feel free to stop by and meet and greet Shea Sept. 7, 4 – 7 pm at Great Northern by Design, located at the Settlement Shops, 9116 Hwy 42, a bit south of downtown Fish Creek. Shea’s show will be on display the remainder of the season.

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