Cheers!: How About a Little Cherry Blood?

Yes! Yes! Yes!


I’ve seen this one for months now and finally bit the bullet and picked up a corked bottle of Blood of the Cherry from O’so Brewing of Plover, Wisconsin.

What I love about O’so is that you’re thinking one thing and get another.

What would you expect from something named Blood of the Cherry?

Cherry for sure, right?

Man, this is a beautiful, tart beer. There’s a Belgian base to it. And then the Door County Montmorency cherry runs rampant on top of it all.


The aroma is none of these things and all of these things. It smells so good and tastes so much better.

You know I love a good cherry beer, but this might be the best I’ve had.

It’s exciting in the mouth. Exciting in the mind.

Deep, rich, light, unique and complex.

Belgian ale meets sour cherries. Happy, happy connection.

I have had many, many cherry beers, and I maintain this is the very best of all of them. My brain smiles with each sip.

The sour nature of this beer is tamed by the base beer. Or, I must say the tartness of this beer is undeniable. You could revel in the sourness completely.

But, if you are true to yourself, there is a maltiness underlying things, a beautiful balance between Door County cherries and a deeply malty, slightly spicy Belgian-style ale.

Blood of the Cherry? What a great name. It is the blood of the cherry that lends the sour complexity to this incredible 6.5 percent beer.

It has everything. Big. Little. Sweet. Sour. Its smell will change your life. Its taste will, too. My life seems more important with each sip. It’s where my life wants to be. Look the other way, and you’re in for a world of disrespect. Civic compromise!

Find this beer. Enjoy it. Live long and prosper!