Cheers!: ‘I Hated You, I Loved You, Too’

It was a bone-chillingly cold January day on the peninsula. It had snowed overnight, but when I woke up it was raining and I had trouble getting up the hill I live on because of all the icy slop and had to let work know I couldn’t get there until the plow came through.

Once I got to work, I dug in. So much to do.

We always have music playing in the background in our office, and on this day I heard a song I fell in love with while I lived in England so many years ago.

It came out, oddly and synchronistically enough, just after I had read Emily Brontë’s only novel, Wuthering Heights. It was Kate Bush’s weird, ethereal “Wuthering Heights.”

I immediately fell in love with that song when I first heard it on the radio back in January 1978, and bought the album. I don’t have that album today, but I am determined to get it now that I’ve heard the song again.

I should add that the song does not have the magic it had for me 40-some years ago, but it felt so good to hear it again. I had forgotten how that thing worked on me back then.

And, so, I get home that night, reach into the magic fridge and pull out a 16-ounce can of Stranger Than Fiction Porter from Collective Arts Brewing of Hamilton, Canada.

Yummy! Fabulous! Dark, deep and…

“Out on the wiley, windy moors
We’d roll and fall in green
You had a temper like my jealousy
Too hot, too greedy
How could you leave me
When I needed to possess you?
I hated you, I loved you, too
Bad dreams in the night
They told me I was going to lose the fight
Leave behind my wuthering, wuthering
Wuthering Heights
Heathcliff, it’s me, I’m Cathy
I’ve come home, I’m so cold.
Let me in through your window.”

“Wuthering Heights” – Kate Bush

Yes, thrak! Stranger than fiction!