Cheers!: Today’s Mighty Oak Is Yesterday’s Nut

After breaking my favorite tulip glass and cutting a finger as I foolishly tried to catch the falling, already-broken glass, I needed a pick me up.

And there it was, sitting in a box on a window shelf on a cloudy and foggy 36-degree day – a bottle of Innis & Gunn limited edition Bourbon Aged Dark Ale. In fact, the label specifically states that the beer is “carefully matured” on “oak seasoned with finest American Bourbon to give it its rich rounded character and satisfyingly smooth finish.”

Innis & Gunn limited edition Bourbon Aged Dark Ale

Innis & Gunn limited edition Bourbon Aged Dark Ale

I wholeheartedly concur with that assessment. Each sip is an incredible burst of big, deep, rich plummy flavors.

This Edinburgh craft brewery specializes in oak-matured ales. I’ve tried a few of them, but this is the most remarkable product I’ve had from them. Halfway through the stylized bomber bottle of 7.4 percent dark ale, I’ve forgotten about the cut on my pointer and the broken tulip glass. I have too many glasses anyway.

As I enjoy more of this beer, I feel as though I should be tucking into a Beef Wellington or some other big slab of roasted beast. Something about it makes me feel carnivorous, and I have a burning desire to rhapsodize about the mighty oak, because what else starts life as a nut?


I reach deep into the magic fridge, stick in my thumb and pull out a plum in the form of D.T.B. Brown Ale, “an American brown ale” from Pearl Street Brewery of La Crosse.

I wonder what D.T.B. stands for. Down Town Brown?


Pearl Street Brewery's D.T.B. Brown Ale.

Pearl Street Brewery’s D.T.B. Brown Ale.

I guess I could look it up, but after the first sip, the question is meaningless. Who cares what those initials stand for? Words aren’t adequate to describe how much I enjoyed this beer.

It’s like biting into big brown carbonated biscuits, chewy with round chocolate tones. It feels like the proverbial party in your mouth. In short, this is a fun beer and just what I needed just at this very moment.

Thank you magic fridge! You’re the best!

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