Cherryland Airport Begins Process to Repair Aging Runway

An aging runway at the Door County Cherryland Airport in Sturgeon Bay has caused complaints from some pilots, according to Airport Director Keith Kasbohm.

“We’ve been getting some complaints about what we call FOD – foreign objects and debris. Chunks of asphalt are popping out. It’s kind of beyond crack filling and patching at this point,” Kasbohm said.

The 3,200-foot east-west runway will turn 30 years old next year, which makes it ancient in airport terms. “Generally, if you can get 20 years of use you’re doing pretty good,” Kasbohm said.

Kasbohm will report to the Door County Board of Supervisors at its regular monthly meeting at 9 a.m. Tuesday, July 23, on a petition being sent to the Secretary of Transportation to request airport improvement aid, which is the first step in the process to securing funds for the runway repairs and other updates needed at the airport.

“There are some smaller things like lighting upgrades for runway and identifier lights,” Kasbohm said. “Some of the lights are approximately 20 years old. They’re getting outdated and are hard to get parts for, and there are some other smaller pavement marking issues.”

He estimates the total amount needed for all the projects will run about $1 million and doesn’t expect construction to begin until 2015.

“The airport has received a federal grant since 2003 of $150,000 per year and we can save that for four years, so right now we are in the process of banking up some of those entitlement funds to put towards that project,” he said.

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