Chill County: A Chocolate Overdose

After the success of my golf column, “Door County Is for Every Golfer,” the powers that be at the Peninsula Pulse decided readers needed more of me. I’ll be honest, I’m not much of a foodie but I do have a sweet tooth. With that being said, welcome to Chill County, the best place to get frozen treat reviews in Door County.

First to go under the microscope that are my taste buds was the Death by Chocolate combination at Malibu Moo’s Frozen Griddle in Fish Creek. Made with fresh frozen chocolate custard, the Death by Chocolate combination includes a brownie, chocolate chips, and Oreos all on a Cold Stone-like frozen griddle.  

With just one look at the presentation my mouth started to water. There’s so much chocolate in one bowl, but the ingredients work perfectly together. Each bite is different; one bite you get brownie and chocolate chips, next you might get Oreos and chocolate chips, and next you might just get one big chunk of brownie.

The only downside is that all the add-ins don’t leave a lot of room for the delicious Malibu Moo’s custard. Most of my spoonfuls were filled with the chocolate ingredients instead of the chocolate custard but I persevered like a veteran food critic. I don’t blame the mixer, Olivia, it is difficult to find the perfect custard-to-ingredient ratio.

Death by Chocolate is a very scrumptious yet overpowering chocolate custard combination. There is a lot of chocolate, hence the name. It satisfied my sweet tooth for the afternoon. I probably won’t even crave chocolate for a while.

All this chocolate may not cause death but it will definitely cause a sugar rush. I give Death By Chocolate at Malibu Moo’s 4.25/5 scoops, but don’t forget you’re eating ice cream and that deserves 5/5 scoops.


Twice a month Matthew Marcon will review ice cream, custard and frozen treats found in Door County. If there’s something specific you’d like him to try, let him know at [email protected].


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