Chill County: A Makeshift Sundae

I usually don’t like to complain, I love my job but eating the delicious frozen treats Door County has to offer is sometimes a burden. This past weekend for instance, I visited Not Licked Yet Frozen Custard in Fish Creek. Not knowing what I wanted to get, I haphazardly looked through the menu until I saw what I thought would be the most appetizing.

In the Sundae section I saw the Cookies ‘n’ Cream “sundae” (you will understand why that is in quotations in a minute). Quickly reading though the description I saw that it offered “Clay Clop’s browned butter M&M chocolate chip cookies” and a large scoop of custard. I’m sold. If any sundae comes with M&M cookies, I’m automatically in. So when my custard was ready it came as a shock to me that it was basically a custard-cookie sandwich.

Everyone knows that custard, as a form of dessert, cannot work in the middle of a sandwich. It’s too creamy and messy, especially on a hot summer’s day. Also, this isn’t even a sundae. No hot fudge, whip cream – it was madness I tell you. It was also my fault, I did not fully read the description when it said that the custard was sandwiched between the M&M cookies. Whoops.

This situation is not something they teach you at Dairy Treats University (or DTU as us alumni call it). But I did what any veteran ice cream critic would do, I smashed the cookies up and mixed it in with my chocolate custard. The veteran moved paid off because this was fantastic. The chocolate custard had great flavor and was just dense enough to where it felt like I was actually scooping some custard and not soup. The real winner of my makeshift sundae were the cookies, they were incredible. Very delicious with the hint of M&M crunch. I could have eaten a whole box of those cookies by themselves.

The lack of presentation, no hot fudge, whip cream, cherries, and the fact that the Cookies ‘n’ Cream sundae was really not a sundae and should not be under the Sundae section really brought the score down. It was only saved by the on-the-fly combination of the cookie bits and chocolate custard. For those reasons, I would give the Cookies ‘n’ Cream sundae at Not Licked Yet Frozen Custard a 2.97/5 scoops, but then I remember I’m eating delicious frozen custard with M&M cookies and that deserves 5/5 scoops.


Twice a month Matthew Marcon will review ice cream, custard and frozen treats found in Door County. If there’s something specific you’d like him to try, let him know at [email protected].

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