Chill County: All Aboard for Ice Cream

Sometimes aesthetics and presentation really make ice cream taste better. It goes back to the phrase, “look good, feel good.” That’s why I do all of my Chill County reviews in a suit and tie.

This week Chill County took me in a new direction. I found myself at PC Junction in Baileys Harbor, enjoying a nice family meal when I had the sudden urge for ice cream.

Now the ice cream at PC Junction is nothing special, they just have a selection of Cedar Crest Ice Cream. Cedar Crest Ice Cream can be found throughout the county at your local grocery store like the Piggly Wiggly or Econo Foods and a handful of ice cream parlors, Grumpy’s, Wilson’s, and Door County Candy. But what made this ice cream so memorable and special was its presentation.

After making my selection of Pirate’s Bounty, which is a mix of M&Ms and chocolate sandwich cookies in caramel flavored ice cream, I waited for my ice cream to be hand delivered but what came next I remember to this day. 

Two scoops of Pirate’s Bounty was delivered to me by this well trained conductor at PC Junction in Baileys Harbor. Photo by Matthew Marcon.

“Next stop, Baileys Harbor,” the train conductor yelled, and within a few moments two scoops of Pirate’s Bounty arrived on the first car of the mini train. I was as giddy as a five-year-old and loved every minute of it. It’s not every day that your ice cream gets delivered to you by train. I won’t say that it made the Cedar Crest ice cream any better, but it certainly did not make it any worse. Maybe the the train just put me in a better mood and therefore I enjoyed my ice cream just a little bit more. Either way, I was not complaining. 

The ice cream itself was very good. Who knew that M&Ms, chocolate sandwich cookies, and caramel ice cream would work so well together? Cedar Crest obviously. However it was the train and the ambiance, that made this so memorable. Add this to your bucket list, everyone should get food, preferably ice cream, delivered to them by train. Get your life back on track by this ice-cream-bringing choo choo train. 5/5 scoops.


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