Chill County: The Perfect Summer Snack

At the Door County Ice Cream Factory in Sister Bay I found the perfect summer snack, The Chipper. Made on site with their own vanilla ice cream, squeezed between two freshly made chocolate chip cookies, and coated in more chocolate chips, The Chipper can cool anyone on a hot summer’s day. Though not on the menu and hidden in between the myriad of ice creams on display, this cookie sandwich is a must try.

With all the ice cream I eat for Chill County you would think that just homemade vanilla ice cream between two cookies would be boring. But that’s what makes it so good. I think adding anything other than vanilla would take away the simplicity that The Chipper has. 

The Chipper was so good it was hard to put it down to take this picture. Photo by Matthew Marcon.

As many veteran ice cream reviewers know, in order to stay fit and in shape, you’re not supposed to eat all of the ice cream you’re reviewing. That’s the one bad thing I can say about The Chipper, it’s so good that I could not stop eating it to put it down. I even contemplated going back to get another one for the drive back to the office.

The Chipper is the perfect summer snack. It’s just sweet enough to satisfy any sweet tooth for the afternoon, but beware, it may be habit forming. For those reasons, I would give The Chipper at The Door County Ice Cream Factory 4.47/5 scoops, but then I remember I’m eating ice cream and that deserves 5/5 scoops.


Twice a month Matthew Marcon will review ice cream, custard and frozen treats found in Door County. If there’s something specific you’d like him to try, let him know at [email protected].

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