Church Looking to Update Cemetery Count

St. Joseph Catholic Church once stood in the hamlet of Gardner, and St. Francis and St. Mary Parish in Brussels now oversees its cemetery on Fox Lane. 

When Fr. Edward Looney assumed his role as administrator in 2017, he restored the cemetery’s sign, which was lying in a ditch. When he took parishioners on cemetery visits, they always noticed that there were more individuals buried there than there were stones. Linda Jonet, volunteer office assistant in Lincoln/Rosiere, combed through death registers for each parish and found 31 names to add to the 22 already shown on the gravestones.

Future plans for the cemetery include using ground-penetrating radar to locate the deceased; placing cross markers at the burial sites; adding a large, permanent monument with the names of all those buried there; and erecting a St. Joseph statue. To support these projects, make a donation to St. Francis and St. Mary Parish. Contact Fr. Looney at 920.309.1426 or [email protected] to find out more.