City of Sturgeon Bay: District 5 Candidates

Joe Stutting

Age: 42

Family: Wife Jami, son Josh (wife Kim), daughters Lincoln and Lindsay, and Granddaughters Isabella and Cadence

Education: BA Central College, Pella, Iowa; MA Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa; Ed.S UW – Superior, Superior, Wisconsin

Occupation: Superintendent, Sturgeon Bay School District

Relevant Experience/ Civic Involvement: Sturgeon Bay Board of Review; Cable Communication System Advisory Council; YMCA Board; Leadership Door County Participant; Door County Legislative Days Committee; Door/Kewaunee Business Education Partnership Board; Noon Rotary Member; and 20 working in public education.

Why are you the best choice for common council?

Besides my background and experience in the public sector, I have the right aptitude for being an alderman. I am open-minded and believe in being accessible to the public. I am a hardworking, regular guy who works well in collaboration with others. I am honest and straight forward, but most importantly, I am willing to put in the time and effort on each and every decision put before me. I am a decision-maker, and I make my decisions based on fact. Now, more than ever we need these qualities on the city council. I believe growth is vital to our community. If we are going to continue to provide quality services and protect the taxpayers, we need to bring people and jobs to Sturgeon Bay.

Are there services that the City of Sturgeon Bay provides that should be cut or scaled back to save money? Are there services the city should take on?

I believe these types of decisions need to be made through collaboration and the use of good information. In order for the city council to make these types of decisions, the council must first decide what the vision for the city of Sturgeon Bay is. The second step would be to gather as much information as possible. The council must work with city employees, the community, and the state to gather the information needed. Finally, the city council will be able to make decisions about the services it provides to the citizens of Sturgeon Bay, once it has the whole picture.

What other issue or issues are a high priority for the city in the term ahead? Jobs, Jobs, Jobs. The city council must work towards growing our city. In order to protect the taxpayers and provide quality services, we must grow our tax base. The city council should not be seen as an obstacle to growth. In these tough times, we need a city council that works together with our city employees to make Sturgeon Bay a city of choice for people and businesses.

What is the number one thing the council can do to make Sturgeon Bay a better place to live?

The city council can be proactive to growth. We can work with businesses and organizations on growth and improvements. If Sturgeon Bay is able to grow, we will not only protect our taxpayers, but be able to maintain quality services that the community expects and deserves.

Stephen Mann

Stephen Mann did not respond to our questionnaire.