Civility Corner: Civility Project Continues Support for Civil Behavior

by Orlaine I. Gabert

The Door County Civility Project began in 2013 following research by the League of Women Voters and a community program presented by the Civility Project of Oshkosh.

Civility means weaving together restraint, respect and responsibility in all of our interactions, and the project’s missions are to foster and incorporate the principles of civility into the fabric of everyday life in Door County. Our vision is an engaged community that values the ideas of others, is committed to civil behavior and discourse, and helps each individual to improve civility at home, in school, in the workplace and in our larger community.

The Door County Civility Project has provided an introduction on civility to community organizations, and those that were interested received expanded training on the tools and ways to use them. All were asked to sign a civility pledge. 

Our efforts with the public have included using various media options and distributing Tools of Civility posters, cards, bracelets and pins to organizations, businesses and individuals.

We’ve been asked to provide some specific programs and collaborate with various groups to address areas of uncivil behavior, which have led to a banner at athletic events to remind spectators to be respectful, training sessions on civil ways to speak to politicians and outlining approaches to take when observing uncivil behavior.

Now each month, this Civility Corner column will offer further support, resources and tools for fostering civility in Door County. In the meantime, visit us on Facebook or at