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  • Bayside Cemetery Annual Meeting

    Annual meeting of Bayside Cemetery is Tuesday 9/26 at 5pm. Meeting held at the Chapel at Bayside Cemetery.

  • Alexzander R. Genske is chaning their name.

    I, Alexzander Robert Genske, am legally changing my name to Alexzander Robert Reese. This is in reason to disassociate with my father.

  • Model Sailors needed

    Sailors and modelers needed to start a pond sailing group in Door. Plans are available for four bearospace sailboats and subchaser, submarine, destroyers, battleship models for WWII demonstrations with working torpedos. call Greg 920-629-1116. q=youtube+model+submarines&&view=detail&mid=312AA083A8D05A4CB6FE312AA083A8D05A4CB6FE&&FORM=VRDGAR&ru=%2Fvideos%2Fsearch%3Fq%3Dyoutube%2520model%2520submarines%26qs%3Dn%26form%3DQBVR%26%3D%2525eManage%2520Your%2520Search%2520History%2525E%26sp%3D-1%26ghc%3D1%26lq%3D0%26pq%3Dyoutube%2520model%2520submarines%26sc%3D0-24%26sk%3D%26cvid%3DC23C22E14B224C539EC48F7D952EB75D%26ghsh%3D0%26ghacc%3D0%26ghpl%3D

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