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  • Karate-Self Defense

    Youth program ages 7-12 will focus primarily on development of coordination, physical skills, and body mechanics. Winter/Spring session will begin on January 7. Mon, & Wed. 5:30 – 6:30p. Location: Birchwood Lodge – Hwy 57 – Sister Bay. Please call: Brad Elkins at 920.854.7724 or 850.766.9030. email: [email protected] Adult program ages 13+

  • For Sale At Hyline Orchard

    Christmas Wreaths and Trees. Cherry wood for smoking & grilling. Bundle or pickup loads. Wood pellets by the bag or ton. Call Hyline Orchard, 8240 Hwy 42, Fish Creek. 2 miles north of Egg Harbor. 920.868.3067 or 920.493.4083

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