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  • Mink River Estuary Cruise

    See the recently accessible Mink River Estuary aboard Capt. John’s Pontoon. 920.246.8088

  • Karate/Self Defense

    Summer classes in “Combative Flow” (continuous striking techniques) using fists, elbows, forearms, and palms. Martial applications are performed in a fluid continuous manner. Adults 18+. Tue. 5:30-7p.┬áLocation: Birchwood Lodge-Sister Bay. Sensei: Brad Elkins- 5th Dan. Please call: 850.766.9030 or 920.854.7724

  • Professional Tennis Instruction

    Professional Tennis Instruction. or call 561.632.4477

  • Kayak and Canoe Rentals at Coles Rowleys Bay Cabins

    From our private beach. Lowest prices, best service, flexible hours, large 17′ canoes, single, double & fishing kayaks. A stone’s throw from the famous Mink River. Beginners lesson $15/1 hour, Mink River trip/$30. Happy customers-no guides needed. Save $$. 1081 Cty ZZ, Rowleys Bay. 920.421.2157 or 920.421.1257

  • For Sale at Hyline Orchard

    Bedding plants, flowers, vegetables, flower baskets, potted fruit trees, wood double ground mulch, pick-up or delivery available. Light or dark mulch. Planting seed potatoes also eating potatoes, red or russett. Hyline Orchard, 8240 HWY 42, Fish Creek. 2 miles north of Egg Harbor. 920.868.3067

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