Clay Bay Pottery to Host “Playful Impressions”

Clay Bay Pottery in Ellison Bay will host an opening reception on Friday, July 11 from 5 – 8 pm for a new show, “Playful Impressions,” which features work by “claymates” Jeanne and David Aurelius, Mary Deneen, Peder Hegland, Kate and Jere Huffman, Tony Ledtje and Martha Winter. The public is invited to the opening reception, as well as on Saturday, July 12 as the artists demonstrate and “play” from 11 am – 4 pm.

This talented group of potters has remained friends since meeting as students at Luther College in Iowa over 30 years ago. After college, they continued their studies with Bauhaus Master, Marguerite Wildenhain, in California, and their annual ritual of selecting a theme for their collaborative summer show begins months before the planned exhibit. Conversation between the artists lights a creative spark from which a theme is born – this year’s being “Playful Impressions.”

“I always enjoy having a theme,” said Jeanne Aurelius. Her husband David Aurelius added, “It’s a way for all of us to push out of our comfortable settings.”

Work in the “Playful Impressions” exhibit was framed by the definition of impression: to have a marked effect on the mind or senses, amusing impersonation, a notion, and/or a feeling.

Jeanne Aurelius commented, “It’s always a treat to have our friends participate.”

For this year’s exhibit, Peder Hegland will exhibit his “Viking bowls,” which are large-scale vessels rimmed by ocean waves, featuring beautiful blue glazes and David Aurelius’s unique design work. While Martha Winter and Mary Deneen will show new lady vases, wall tiles, and whimsical soap dispensers. Tony Ledtje always contributes something surprising and fun, ranging from playful paper collages to clay sculpture, and rounding out the show are Kate and Jere Huffman with their black-glazed pottery, featuring geometric imagery and strong contrast between light and dark.

For more information, contact Clay Bay at 920.854.5027.