Clean Everglades Christened

Executives from Seaside LNG, Polaris New Energy and their guests gathered at Fincantieri Bay Shipbuilding (FBS) this week to christen the recently constructed LNG bunker barge, Clean Everglades.

The vessel is the sister ship to the LNG barge, Clean Canaveral, which was delivered by FBS two years ago and has made more than 65 successful LNG (liquified natural gas) bunker deliveries. Similar in design and appearance, the articulated tug barge will hold 5,500 cubic meters of LNG.

“The previous FBS-built LNG barge was delivered on schedule during the global pandemic, which was quite an accomplishment,” said Jan Allman, FBS vice president and general manager. “We are ready to deliver the Clean Everglades six weeks ahead of schedule, thanks

in part to a clean, brilliant design and the motivated, experienced shipbuilders here at Fincantieri Bay Shipbuilding.”

Seaside LNG has the largest fleet of Jones Act-compliant LNG barges operating in the United States. Polaris New Energy is a subsidiary of Seaside LNG.

“Polaris New Energy is excited to continue to expand the LNG bunkering infrastructure in the United States” said Tim Casey, CEO of Seaside LNG. “The delivery of the Clean Everglades will give us the ability to expand our LNG bunkering business to the Gulf of Mexico. Partnering with the talented and professional staff at FBS has produced a second exceptional vessel.”

Demand for LNG to fuel the maritime sector is growing rapidly, with orders for LNG vessels eclipsing 30% of the fleet orderbook. LNG is the leading solution in the maritime sector, as the industry advances its sustainability goals to meet growing emissions reductions goals.

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