Climate Meeting Examines the Alarming Silence

The newly formed Climate Change Coalition (CCC) will meet on Feb. 20 at 7 pm at the UU Fellowship in north Ephraim. This group of concerned citizens is working with the Social Responsibility Committee of the UU Fellowship to raise awareness about climate change. Monthly meetings provide activities and programs designed to educate, inspire and motivate people to act on behalf of our planet.

The upcoming meeting will focus on the Bill Moyers show “Ending the Silence on Climate Change” which aired Jan. 4. This program, an interview with Anthony Leiserowitz, Director of the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication, presents the concept of “Global Warming’s Six Americas” – six distinct audiences within the United States that each respond to the issue of climate change in very different ways and require different communication strategies. Understanding these six segments will help people communicate the climate change message more effectively.

To join the CCC, email contact information to [email protected]. The UU Fellowship is located at 10341 Highway 42.

For more information call Garrett Cohn at 920.839.5340.