Closing Date For Gibraltar Beach Expansion Purchase

The closing date for Gibraltar’s purchase of the York property to expand the beach is set for Dec. 31. Before then, the town board and the Parks and Lands Committee hope to walk through the property and building with builders from Peninsula Building Systems to review possibilities to repurpose the building that is currently on the property. Following the completion of a survey dictating the town’s right of way along Brown Road, the road that functions more as the beach parking lot than a road, the town will clear the brush between the current beach and the acquired property. “The big goal is just to make it usable and get rid of the barrier that was created to provide privacy,” said Brian Hackbarth, committee chair. “We don’t want the privacy. We have to make this so you can get back and forth.” Hackbarth added that the town does not expect to make any substantial changes to the property for the 2017 season, but wants to make the entire property accessible by the spring.

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