Coalition Formed to Develop Door County Marketing Plan

An independent group of Door County business owners has formed a coalition to develop a Door County Tourism Marketing Plan. “The Door County Peninsula Strategic Marketing Coalition has been formed to raise funds for the purpose of developing a Tourism Marketing Plan” said David Eliot of the Peninsula Pulse, who was elected chairperson at the group’s meeting January 12th. The coalition was developed in response to the Chamber of Commerce’s Tourism Assessment, which defined creation of a marketing plan as a key issue facing the county’s tourism businesses.
The coalition is an independent group of business people from around the county. While many members belong to the Chamber of Commerce, the coalition is independent of the Chamber and will rely on the Chamber for assistance and research. The coalition will be contacting local businesses, governments, and civic associations for pledges and donations to create the tourism plan.
Jim Robinson of the Shoreline Resort stated, “We need a program first. We need to find out what we’re going to do and where we’re going to go before we decide on how we’re going to get the funding.”
Amy McLelland of Tranquil Timbers stressed the importance of tourism to the Door County economy. “We’re talking about people’s lives here, tourism is not a hobby. Tourism represents $400 million, or 2/3 of total retail spending in Door County”
Coalition members will begin soliciting funds for the plan development immediately. At the conclusion of the project the Tourism Marketing Plan will be donated to the community. For more information.

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