Coffee and a scone at Glas Coffeehouse

It has been less than a year since I have become an avid coffee drinker. Yet it doesn’t take long to recognize a good cup of coffee from a bad one. Needing my morning fix, I found myself in Glas, the local and natural coffeehouse in Sturgeon Bay. Coined as “the green coffeehouse,” Glas provides the local, natural and organic flavor that has become a staple of Door County.

The coffee was hot and the cushioned chairs were filled as I walked in to see the large menu, but not before the row of scones caught my eye. I admittedly am not well versed on the art of coffee and its many possibilities, so I simply ordered a regular dark roast and, with difficulty, made up my mind on the vanilla with strawberry rhubarb scone. Between my light breakfast and another tall coffee for the friend along with me, the total came to $6.68.

We were lucky to grab a seat on the couch next to the bookcase of both classics and light reading material as we enjoyed our kick-start to the day. Already being an advocate for the local and organic flavor, my coffee complimented the scone to the point where I probably wouldn’t have shared with my friend even if she asked. With many people at work on laptops and others simply enjoying the easy bay view, the coffeehouse provides a place for everyone to get something done – some work or some relaxation.

The small stage for occasional live music and the youthful staff keep the atmosphere fresh and the people, local or visiting, coming back. The price point was enough for a light and easy breakfast for two. I have also found a new place to pick up that morning jump the next time I spend my day in Sturgeon Bay.

Glas is located at 67 East Maple Street in Sturgeon Bay. The green coffeehouse is open Monday – Friday from 7 am – 7 pm, Saturday from 8 am – 5 pm, and Sunday from 8 am – 4 pm. For more information call 920.743.5575 or visit

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