Collaborative Tree Planting Project

The Climate Change Coalition of Door County (CCCDC) and the Forest Recovery Project (FRP) are partnering with Door County businesses, four Door and Kewaunee county Rotary Clubs, the Boys and Girls Club of Door County and the Northern Door Children’s Center in a three-day tree planting project Sept. 8-10.

CCCDC and FRP, with the generous support of two donors from Stella Maris Parish and the Lakeshore Natural Resource Partnership, will provide 500 evergreen trees – white and red pine, white spruce and arborvitae or cedar — for the project.

Many Door County business people who have signed the Ceres Climate Declaration acknowledging the facts of climate change and pledging to reduce their businesses’ carbon footprint are receiving trees to plant at their business locations or homes. The free trees are in recognition of these business owners’ leadership in combating climate change.

Rotary Clubs may plant trees at their homes, business places, or, for Northern Door Rotarians, Scandia Village.

At the Northern Door Children’s Center and the Boys and Girls Club, children and staff will plant trees at their homes, where they can watch them grow and celebrate their commitment to the environment.

Trees are the lungs of the Earth. They pull carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere and store it, creating a carbon sink. An acre of trees absorbs 2.6 tons of CO2 each year, equal to driving a car 26,000 miles. In exchange, trees release oxygen into the air, which helps us all breathe more easily. One large tree can supply the oxygen four people need for a day.

The trees are small but potted to foster growth and strengthen them to survive the winter. For more information visit or

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