Column: Kevin Naze

  • Memorial Day Weekend: Busy on the Water

    Spring is here and summer is near, but it’s still winter in the water. That’s one of the safety-related messages that the Wisconsin DNR and U.S. Coast Guard has for boaters and other recreationists as we head into a busy holiday weekend. Water has gradually been warming into the 50s in some shallow bays and […]

  • Amazing 6.5-Pound Average Biggest Ever in Bass Tourney

    A record-setting weight of 32.76 pounds for five fish on the first day of the Sturgeon Bay Bass Tournament propelled a pair of guides to the winner’s circle. Door County guide Bret Alexander of Green Bay and southern Wisconsin guide Eric Haataja of West Allis averaged more than 6.55 pounds per bass, which is thought […]

  • Colorful Migrants Finally Wing Their Way to Peninsula

    Some of the most beautiful birds in North America are winging their way to and through the Kewaunee/Door County peninsula this week. The first-of-year Baltimore orioles, rose-breasted grosbeaks and ruby-throated hummingbirds are here, and a lucky few bird watchers have seen (or may soon see) orchard orioles, indigo buntings, eastern towhees and scarlet tanagers. If […]

  • Kewaunee/Door Peninsula Again Top in Chinook Harvest

    Year in and year out, there’s no place like home when it comes to catching chinook salmon. The annual charter report and creel estimate released by the DNR show that anglers fishing the Kewaunee/Door County peninsula cranked in nearly half of the state’s entire chinook harvest in 2018. The catch of more than 84,000 was […]

  • Kewaunee/Door Top in Chinook Harvest

    Year in and year out, there’s no place like home when it comes to catching chinook salmon. The annual charter report and creel estimate released by the DNR show that anglers fishing the Kewaunee/Door County peninsula cranked in nearly half of the state’s entire chinook harvest in 2018. The catch of more than 84,000 was […]

  • 2019 Smelt Run Brings Back Memories of ‘Good Old Days’

    One of the best rainbow-smelt runs in years had seasoned smelters scrambling last week to find drop nets, dip nets and seines stored in barns, basements, garages and sheds. As the word spread by phone, sport-shop talk and social media posts, Kewaunee and Door County piers, creek mouths and bays attracted men, women and children […]

  • Full Moon Friday Is a Good Time to Reflect on Life’s Blessings

    Easter weekend is a great time to reflect on the blessings in life, a sweet-treat reminder of the power of faith, family and – dare I say it – fishing. I’ve grown up around the water, and for a few hours every Good Friday, one of my annual traditions is some one-on-one time with the […]

  • Youth Turkey Hunt a Gobbling Good Time

    Thousands of Wisconsin youths will get a head start on the spring wild-turkey hunting season this weekend. The special weekend for hunters ages 12 to 15 began in 2007, and it’s designed to give youth an opportunity to hunt without competition from adults. Youth must have drawn a spring tag or purchased a leftover permit […]

  • Anglers, DNR Work to Net Best Lake Michigan Fishing Strategy

    Planning the next three-year stocking strategy for Lake Michigan salmon and trout is underway. DNR staff are wading through data on alewife abundance, average salmon size, catch statistics and other critical fisheries information, and soon they will be seeking public input. The last plan was developed in 2017 after more than two years of input […]

  • Bay Ice Not Leaving Anytime Soon

    With continued cold nights in the 10-day forecast, Green Bay’s ice isn’t going anywhere soon. In fact, unless things heat up significantly in the coming weeks, boaters on the bay side may still be dodging ice floes during the 31st Baileys Harbor Brown Trout Tournament April 25-28. A lot can happen between now and then, […]

  • Deer Councils’ First Shots at 2019 Hunt Plans

    Whitetails caught a break in the past week after a timely meltdown that exposed farm and country fields, allowing easier access to woodland browse. Longtime deer hunter Dick Baudhuin said there’s still a problem, though: too many whitetails for too many years have nearly eaten themselves out of house and home. “We didn’t see many […]

  • County Deer Advisory Councils Want Feedback from Local Hunters

    How many free antlerless deer tags should Door and Kewaunee County hunters get this fall? North to south, you’ll typically get different answers. Many Northern Door hunters say there are not nearly enough deer to warrant giving out any “doe tags” for free. From Sturgeon Bay south, there’s little debate that there are pockets of […]

  • Spring Fish and Wildlife Hearings Allow Online Voting for the First Time

    After more than a decade of speculation, the spring fish and wildlife rules hearings will finally offer an online voting option next month. Officially known as the annual DNR fish and wildlife public hearing and Wisconsin Conservation Congress (WCC) county meeting, the gatherings are held the second Monday of each April across the state. Locally, […]

  • Deer, Wild Turkeys Struggle through Old-Fashioned Winter

    A brutal winter is taxing some wildlife species, and we’re not out of the woods yet. For the first time since 2013, deep snow and extended cold threaten to trim some deer and wild turkeys from the landscape. The good news: It was a fairly easy start to the winter, and most of the wild […]

  • Seven Scenarios for Shorter Crossbow Deer Hunt ‘Not the Gospel,’ DNR Says

    A seven-scenario proposal to shorten the state’s crossbow deer season has hunters split on what the fairest and best option is for whitetail fanatics. The short answer: maybe none of them. DNR wildlife director Eric Lobner said the seven options introduced at last month’s state Natural Resources Board (NRB) meeting “are not the gospel” and […]

  • Love Is in the Air Outdoors, Too

    It’s Valentine’s Day weekend, and love is in the air. But in the vast fields and forests of the Kewaunee/Door County peninsula, there’s no need for roses or chocolates. It’s mating season for coyotes, red and gray foxes, wolves, cottontail rabbits, snowshoe hares and raccoons. Coyotes, especially, have been on the move. Increased sightings of […]

  • Backyard Birding Can Open Door to Wild Conversations

    One thing I’ve learned through the years is to not judge a book by its cover. Take hunters and wildlife watchers, for example. Nationwide, statewide and locally, nonhunters far outnumber hunters, but credible national surveys find the vast majority of nonhunters are supportive of regulated hunting. Fewer than one in five nonhunters, in fact, actually […]

  • Vehicle-Deer Collision Damage Tops $3 Million on Peninsula

    Motorists reported nearly 1,000 collisions with whitetails on the roadways in Door and Kewaunee counties last year. At an average somewhere north of $3,300 per accident, that’s collectively more than $3 million in damages. Barstool biologists and internet keyboard cowboys have long claimed that the insurance industry pays off the DNR to get hunters to […]

  • Resources Board Takes Shot at Options for Crossbow Deer Season

    Popular state hunting message boards and Facebook pages are ablaze with debate this week after word spread that the crossbow deer-hunting season may be shortened. Never mind that the state’s Natural Resources Board (NRB) had only requested information on possible options to consider, should the DNR ever decide to pursue a rule change. With crossbow […]

  • Last Chance to Donate to Potawatomi State Park Accessible Fishing Pier

    How many times can you say you’ve helped fund something that will give thousands of disabled and able-bodied anglers a chance to cast the waters of Sturgeon Bay? For most of us, probably never. Whether you’re an avid angler or just someone who knows a worthy project when you read about it, you’re in luck: […]