Commentary: These Are the Days of Infamy

The people have spoken, but Republican legislators are deaf to the tumultuous cry for change.

They don’t get it.

With Wisconsin’s most divisive governor choosing to go out on a whimper after losing last month to a Democrat – and a bureaucrat at that – he has crawled into his shell while unleashing twin bully boys Sen. Scott Fitzgerald and Rep. Robin Vos to make sure their brand continues pulling the strings.

Forget that the people voted Walker and his minion Attorney General Brad Schimel out of office on Nov. 6, the GOP has decided they are not through with having their way with this state of ours, hence a lame duck session to castrate both the incoming Democratic attorney general and governor.

Have these public officials no shame?

Republican Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald told one news outlet that “we” don’t trust Governor-elect Tony Evers. But the Nov. 6 vote, where Democrats won all three statewide races and 54 percent of all votes for Wisconsin Assembly, displayed a lack of trust elsewhere.

Fitzgerald and Assembly leader Robin Vos failed to show up at the Dec. 3 hearing on these rules, which, one has to assume, is because even they know these machinations are indefensible. In their stead, they left bureaucrats from various agencies to blather on and obfuscate the undermining of democracy that is taking place.

Yes, it is tough to admit defeat, but it’s time to think about the greater good of Wisconsin rather than petty partisan politics, and the sooner that happens, the better off we’ll all find ourselves.

Must it be said?

Changing the rules after you’ve lost is bad form, boys. And so obvious.

When you use your majority to wield power and rein in someone from the opposition – duly elected – it makes the words this country was founded on seem like so much hooey. Voter suppression?

It shows their collective contempt for what we all consider to be the solid democratic (small “d”) history of our republic.

And as this issue comes out on the “Date of Infamy,” Dec. 7, when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor in undeclared war 77 years ago and brought us into World War II, perhaps it is time to reflect on why we fought that war, and the many lives lost in the triumph of democracy over tyranny.

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