Community Church’s Quilting Tradition Comes Full Circle

(Left to right) Ruth Ann Hiller, Margaret Loving, Mary Ann Blahnik, Sue Kaeske, Sharen Young and Jane Mohr helped create the 45 sets of comforters for New Moms, Inc.

In the early days of Fish Creek, a number of women made and sold quilts to raise money for building a church as well as for civic improvement projects such as oil for unpaved, dusty streets and gas for streetlamps. The quilting tradition recently came full circle when 45 sets of colorful, handmade comforters were sent to Chicago and the beds and cribs of homeless teenage mothers and their babies.

A new facility is being opened by New Moms, Inc., an organization that “enables, empowers and equips at-risk adolescent parents and their children through services and mentoring based on Christian values.” For more information, visit

The comforters added a profusion of color to the sanctuary at Community Church as they were dedicated and introduced to the congregation by Sue Kaeske, who spearheaded the project that hearkened back to church and village history.