Community Honey Harvest Was Big Success

The Door County Beekeepers Club’s ( inaugural Community Honey Harvest was an educational success as visitors enjoyed the many bee stations in and around the Collins Learning Center at Crossroads at Big Creek.

The event’s focus was to share the fascinating world of honeybees through hands-on activities – especially witnessing pure, golden honey being extracted from the beehives. In the children’s tent, kids petted a live drone honeybee, watched honeybees tending their brood in an observation hive and learned how the honeybees locate their nectar sources.

Participants made beeswax candles; compared the taste of eight kinds of honey; tried pollen, mead and honey snacks; and received a free pollinator plant. The club has an apiary at Crossroads where curious visitors can continue to observe bees taking pollen and nectar to the hive.

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