Community Marketing Funds Managed

Bruce Hill was hired by the Door County Visitor Bureau in mid-May of 2009 to manage the disbursement of the Community Marketing Fund, which was established as a way to overcome the challenges of Sturgeon Bay joining the Toursim Zone. Herewith, he provides a few answers to questions about his newly created position.

What does your new position in relation to the Door County Visitor Bureau’s Community Marketing Fund entail?

The Visitor Bureau has several points of contact in the county. My point of contact is the local business organizations, such as the Sister Bay Advancement Association and Jacksonport Business Association. I work with the various local business organizations throughout the county to assist them with community marketing programs, and to use Community Marketing Funds to pay for the programs.

What challenges and opportunities do you see in relation to this position?

Few challenges, really. There are many opportunities based upon the size of the organization and budget. I have met at least once with all the organizations, and they are excited about the program. Because of the onset of “The Season” I have started by funding existing qualifying programs. Mary Denis of the Door County Visitor Bureau has been conducting community branding sessions, and we will be incorporating that learning into 2010 planning as it gets underway. Next year’s funding will be able to make a difference, particularly as we look at out of market “event” promotion while still maintaining continuity with the Door County umbrella brand.

As part of this position, you are responsible for the disbursement of the Community Marketing Fund. Where is this money going?

The funds go to the local business organizations to reimburse them for specific qualifying projects that satisfy the requirements of the room tax statute.

From your interactions with the various communities, how do you see the business climate in Door County currently?

Speculation is not a tool of a person with a market research background.

Bruce Hill has 25 years consumer packaged goods marketing, research, and sales experience. He has been a Door County resident since 2003, where he has become entrenched in the community as Owner of the Lull-Abi Inn of Egg Harbor, as well as a past Village trustee, village president, and vice chairman of the Door County Tourism Zone Commission.