Community Voices: How Can We Not Be Thankful?

The only thing missing from a trip to check out the beautiful job done thus far on this historic beauty was my mother. My name is Connie and the man in this photo (shown above) is my father, John Enigl Sr. 

What was a secret, planned event for the day’s outing for dad turned into a very thankful day for his 98 years. If the pictures could talk you would hear him say – “Oh, WOW. Look at how beautiful it is.” They really are taking good care of it. She’s going to look good going down the road. Dad’s smile was from ear-to-ear. The heavens gave us a perfect day to inspect, as mom was right beside us.

The bookmobile was at my parent’s property for so many years their grandchildren had their own library. The day they came to retrieve her she was anchored into the trunk of a tree. But once freed, she sailed smoothly down the new path – for her journey continues.

Thankful for me is that my father’s journey in life is still vibrant and seeing that bookmobile renewed his faith in folks who see its value in a treasured link to the history of Door County. And for that I am asking those who feel thankful and grateful towards the restoration of the bookmobile to please take this opportunity to match me the $1,000 I am donating toward the bookmobile’s restoration on behalf of my father John Enigl Sr. and my heavenly mother MaryAnn. Let’s bring this goal to full circle so my dad can see it in action. Very thankful for your consideration –  it is greatly appreciated! To donate, go to

Connie Judd

Sevastopol, Wisconsin