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  • Geothermal Energy

    The issue of going “green” has slowly and surely pervaded the global conversation about energy use, and it has become apparent that choosing eco-friendly products and lifestyles is no longer a question – it’s a necessity. The inevitability of change has arrived and consumers are seeking out opportunities to make responsible choices that can benefit […]

  • Keeping it Simple: Door County’s Solar Home Tour

    Every October, in conjunction with National Energy Awareness Month, thousands of people venture out into their communities to see how their neighbors are utilizing solar energy to reduce energy costs and do their part to conserve resources and harness Earth’s renewable energy. The event is called the National Solar Tour, organized and put on by […]

  • The Small School Experience in Northern Door: Bigger Isn’t Always Better

    The rural school experience is an important part of Americana, the belief that the one-room school in many respects was best. But advocates of a large-school education will point to broader academic curricula, expanded extracurricular choices, better educational facilities, and options for exceptional students to achieve at higher levels. People living in northern Door County, […]

  • Birds Park

    Bobby McCullough was a preschooler in 1954 when Birds Park came into his life, but he remembers very clearly driving north through Baileys Harbor in his family’s 1947 Buick, when his mother suddenly exclaimed, “Oh, my God, isn’t that wonderful!” The wonderful thing she’d sighted was a funny old concrete house, painted white and blue, […]

  • An Inside Look

    Every summer there comes a chance for visitors and residents to get a tour of some of the finest homes and gardens in Door County. This inside peek allows all to share in beautiful architecture, interior design, scenic views and striking gardens that are hidden around the peninsula. This summer the Door County Memorial Hospital […]

  • Southern Door County’s Belgian Wayside Chapels

    Along the roadsides of southern Door County, in the heart of the Belgian-American settlement, an observant traveler might notice small unobtrusive buildings standing slightly apart from a brick farmhouse or painted red barn. These simple structures, built of wood and adorned with a cross on the roof or above the door, could easily be mistaken […]

  • Maintaining Native Landscapes

    The Door Peninsula is a special place, blessed with a great diversity of landscapes, natural habitats and biology. In a short jaunt, one can venture from dry, towering cliffs with sweeping vistas of Green Bay to low, wet swales near the Lake Michigan shore that are dense with cedars and lush with ferns and orchids. […]

  • The Rocks of Door County: Building with Native Stone

    Anyone visiting the Door Peninsula for the first time is certain to be struck by the multitude of stone fences separating the fields. These often-massive structures, in terms of width, are as much a testament to the difficulties faced by farmers as they are to the notoriously limited topsoil available in much of the county. […]

  • Quarry House Revisited: An Update on the Project a Year Later

    In Door County Living’s fall 2007 issue, I wrote an article about what most people have nicknamed “The Quarry House.” Located on Spring Road in Fish Creek, the house stands in the center of a large, former rock quarry. Owners Mitch and Mary Heinrichs painstakingly created their dream retirement home by drawing up their own […]

  • Villibunk: A Modern Look at Scandinavian Design

    THIS is the forest primeval. The murmuring pines and the hemlocks, Bearded with moss, and in garments green, indistinct in the twilight, Stand like Druids of eld, with voices sad and prophetic, Stand like harpers hoar, with beards that rest on their bosoms. – from “Evangeline” by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Nestled in the woods of […]

  • Developer Runs into Roadblocks in Affordable Housing Attempt

    Take part in any conversation or meeting about Door County’s future and you’ll hear a lot of lip service given to the need for affordable housing. Unfortunately, most of the time, that’s all you get.

  • Creative Concrete: Poetry in Non-Motion

    “Boredom, really, is what started it all,” he says with a laugh. “Sheer boredom.” This is how Dylan Lauger, founder, owner and operator of Lauger Concrete of Sturgeon Bay, answers the question that everyone asks. Well-known for high quality, dependable, utilitarian flat work (that’s insider-speak for what we laypeople think of as concrete:  gray sidewalks, […]

  • The Cottage: Everything Old is New Again

    Cottage and home rentals, and the traditions that surround them, still abound in Door County. The old adage “the more things change, the more they stay the same” is true of many things in Door County, but is especially true about the history of cottage and vacation home rentals on the peninsula. Around the end […]

  • Building Tradition: Door County Churches

    It’s a frosty Sunday morning in March and I’ve found myself standing in silence in front of a building I’ve passed by hundreds of times in my life. It’s eerily silent for downtown Fish Creek, and the only sound I hear is the lake wind screeching off the ice and swirling down Main Street from […]

  • Nestled into the Landscape

    Anyone with a basic working knowledge of children’s mythology knows the dangers of building a house out of straw:  a mere huff or puff from an irritable wolf can take your house — not to mention you — permanently out of commission. A small community of builders and homeowners in Door County, however, are disregarding […]

  • Quarry House

    If you live in the northern Door area, I’m sure you’ve seen it. If you live anywhere in Door County, I know you’ve heard about it. I am, of course, talking about the “Quarry House” on Spring Road in Fish Creek – a large, French-style manor house set right into a stone quarry that has […]

  • Subtleties in Wood: The furniture of Joel Thomas

    Customers strolling through the county are exposed to all kinds of artwork – watercolor, pottery, sculpture and photography to name a few. Another medium not always instantly thought of as art is woodworking, unless of course one has seen Joel Thomas’ handcrafted furniture. The detail, the tones of the wood he selects, and the overall […]

  • Cooking Up a Restoration: Ellison Bay’s Savory Spoon

    Right on the main drag of Highway 57 in Ellison Bay sits a modest, two story home. It is the type of home that a person can drive by quite literally hundreds of times without noticing. It is unassuming and may not spark the interest of the average passerby. The moment it starts to get […]

  • The Architecture of Steve Wadzinski

    It strikes you immediately. It’s a long, narrow window, no more than a few inches wide on the long west side of the structure. If it were simply turned 90 degrees it could slip by almost unnoticed. Sure, it might register as a bit peculiar, but it’s not the window itself that steals your eyes; […]

  • Split, Stack, Stoke: Weathering Winter with a Woodstove

    When we first purchased our house, I imagined that I would spend some of the days of the long Door County winter sitting beside the fireplace in the main room. Perhaps I could pass the time with a book and a mug of coffee – what better way is there to spend a January day? […]