Congratulations Hans Koyen

Some young folks spend all their early years,
Just “waitin” for a time they can get away.
This week’s server, Hans, did just that.
But now he’s back on the Island, (in unison now) – Hooray!

Tried for a while in Appleton;
At a well respected culinary school.
Then packed his bags for Vail, CO.
While there did all kinds of work, that seems his rule.

In addition to pleasing the customers,
Plays guitar to hard rock and heavy metal.
Says, “I have fun even though I’m working.
Performs solo now, an act he doth pedal.

Hans loves working the family business.
Puts a smile on every patron’s face.
Feels all folks should lighten up, be less serious.
Says, “You can do that in this place.”