Server of the Week: Aaron LeClair

Serving people in any job often times deserves a standing hand.
It seems Aaron redefines serving as he cares for his fellow man.
A long time native of Jacksonport and graduate of Sevastopol,
It must be the water in the “bubblers” of that tiny Door County school.

Served this department for 17 years, says time away from family’s a little rough,
But knows 27 of his guys have his back when things start to get a little tough.
A former Jacksonport Town Board member at a very young and early age,
He learned “decisions are made for others,” spoken like a seasoned sage.

He speaks so highly of those he works with; you feel the caring and concern.
He loves a challenge and in his field always new things for him to learn.
Aaron’s very humble, kind of quiet and shy if you’ll pardon the pun.
I’ll guarantee in his waking hours, ‘protecting the public’ is Job One.