Congratulations to Abby Drews of Details Hair Innovations!

Abby Drews is exactly the kind of woman you can trust with your hair,
One appointment at Details Hair Innovations in Egg Harbor and that’s very clear.
She’s friendly, funny and a fantastic hair stylist,
In fact, she’s so talented, I’d label her a hair artist.

A native of Wild Rose and a graduate of Gill-Tech Academy
It was on a whim with a best friend that she came to Door County.
She spent the first summer (and this past one) working at Shipwrecked Microbrewery, Pub & Inn,
And stayed a couple years longer to work at John Henry’s, where she met her loving man.

She has been styling hair at the Aveda salon for three years,
Working her magic with a few products, tools and hair shears.
Her favorite service to do at Details is coloring hair,
Completely changing how a person looks through great attention and care.

She recalls the worst trendy cuts she sported in her youth,
From bowl cuts to sausage bangs, she wasn’t afraid to tell the truth.
It’s something for which we can say, “We’ve all been there before,”
And hope that in the future, only great haircuts are in store.

When Abby’s not working hard, she’s hanging out with her fiancé and son,
“The Steves,” (Steve and Stevie), with whom she has a lot of fun.
She also loves snowmobiling and hunting with gun and bow,
In fact, she’s proud to say that this year, she nabbed a doe.

She’s a happy Door County resident of West Jacksonport,
And for most things in life is just a great sport.
So the next time you’re in Egg Harbor enjoying the beautiful views,
Swing by Details Hair Innovations to say hello to Abby Drews!

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