Congratulations to Charlie Dickson

We’ve featured servers aplenty, with a generosity so clear.
Now Charlie’s a bit different; I’d say the ultimate volunteer.
He gives time at the Ridges, or in the state park spinning yarns.
Then it’s over here to Liberty Grove, serving meals, displaying charms.

A resume that’s quite well stocked; I tell you friends this guy’s no slouch.
College professor, director of theater, there’s no potato on his couch.
Seen many managers in this meal program; says they’ve all been just great.
Given’ of himself 3 days a week, for 28 years and never late.

Came as a customer many years ago as he recalls without a doubt.
Looked around saw them short-handed and said, “I think I can help them out.”
His non-stop energy, constant motion: for a man his age it’s almost a sin.
But after further consideration, when I grow up I want to be just like him.